Your New Mexico Pro Se Divorce and Family Law Solution

Divorce from Start to Finish

Affordable divorce guidance and complete pleadings packets.

Marital Settlement Agreement

Divide your assets and debts in accordance with the law.

Parenting Plan

Guidance to draft a detailed, effective, age-appropriate Parenting Plan.

Legal Knowledge

Paralegals provide information about local rules, statutes, court policies and procedures.

Legal Documents

Using terminology an attorney would include protecting the legal rights of both parties, paralegals go beyond standardized and sometimes outdated fill-in-the-blank legal forms to draft customized, detailed, and accurate pleadings.

Cost Effective

Utilizing the services of a paralegal may be an affordable solution.

Emotions v. The Law

Resolve your family law issues as painlessly as possible.

About Paralegal/Owner Judy Marshall

Judy and OddieJudy holds an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies from Central New Mexico Community College. Her secondary studies include psychology, child psychology, the study of body language and legal writing. The area of Family Law has been her primary focus for approximately 20 years.

Judy established Marshall Paralegal Services in 2011. Her goal as a professional paralegal is to assist self-represented clients through emotional, confusing, and oftentimes intimidating legal processes by guiding them through the completion of legal forms, understanding statutes, rules, policies, and defining legal terminology.

Judy hopes to fill the gap for clients that either cannot afford the assistance of an attorney or who wish to navigate the legal process on their own.

What Others Say About Marshall Paralegal Services

When my life was already being turned upside down, Judy was there for me. She walked me through the process, answered questions, and made me feel confident about my divorce process. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help me through such a difficult time.


I used Marshall Paralegal Services for my "basic" (no kids) divorce.  I have little experience with the legal system and the way things should be done, and in what order.  Judy made sure that all my documents were in order.  She helped me through my step-by-step process of how the Court's operate so that I didn't run into any snags along the way.  Papers filed, approved, and signed by the Judge in no time and with no problems.